Hickory Hut Smokehouse was established in 1980 by two local entrepreneurs. In 1998 Mr. Robert Cobbett, one of the two original entrepreneurs, became the sole owner of the Hickory Hut Smokehouse & Restaurant. Through the years Mr. Cobbett has always maintained a high value for his customers and has always offered his best service to clients. Hickory Hut Smokehouse & Restaurant has become a meeting place for locals.


Hickory Hut Smokehouse Restaurant

Great place to sit with your friends for coffee and lunch.

Serving Breakfast all Day.

We specialize in curing our own hams and bacon. Home made beef jerky, Honey garlic sticks and Sausage.

We also provide custom curing and smoking services.

Hours of operation,
 Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 6pm 

316 Gavel Rd.
Tusket, NS

Phone: 1-902-648-0011



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